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If you wish to develop countless specific niche blog sites– tweaked to your clickbank affiliate ID– in the fastest time possible, then please draw up every word on this page as this is the most essential letter you are ever going to check out!

Here’s why:

Over the previous year, I’ve been developing specific niche blog sites. Countless them. Blog sites about weight reduction, Internet marketing, Forex … And a lot more! Constructing these blog sites ended up being extremely time consuming. And you most likely concur that time is the most important thing to us online marketers? My group and I were rapidly to understandthat we would do a lot much better if we might automate the entire procedure.And as an outcome we developed this STUNNING time conserving WordPress plugin! And it’s lastly time to sharethis cutting edge plugin with you!


The charm? Each blog site can be filled with PREMIUM money producing material in simply under 3 minutes. You simply complete some empty fields, click a button, and it does all the work for you!

Let me draw this our in a different way for you:

  • Here’s what YOU will do within simply 1 minute: You enter your keywords. Select a Clickbank classification. Submit your Clickbank affiliate ID. Select the number of posts you wish to be contributed to your blog site weekly, and click the button!
  • Here’s what CBChief will provide for YOU in 3 minutes: CB Chief will enter to the Clickbank market. Discover the items that match the requirements you defined. Gos to each merchant’s website one by one. Obtain the title. Meta keywords. Meta description, and text from the sales letter. It produces a post on your WordPress blog site for each of the items it recovered!

That’s right. You do not need to invest many hours of laborious work that just causes disappointment.

You see …

CB Chief assists you to change this laborious discouraging 40 hour job into simply a little 3– 4 minute task …

And you just need to click a couple of buttons!

It truly seems like you’ve got devoted members of personnel working for you!


Look …

CB Chief schedules all the posts for you

Sure, you can constantly enter and release them instantly (likewise a function). Drip feeding your blog site with material is STILL A REAL MUST these days.

It’s so simple …


YEP! Everything is set out for you in this easy plugin!

We even got these little enigma ‘?’ behind each function. If you are lost, these will help you. I do not believe you are going to requirethose … As it’s simply so darn easy!

To top that– in your members location there’s a full-fledged video training that reveals you how to set up and USE this AMAZING PLUGIN.

And when you clicked a couple of buttons here’s how posts turn up on your blog site page:


Look– I’ll be extremely sincere with you here …

Truth is that I do not understand you.

There’s a huge opportunitythat you’ve been looking into developing laser targeted evaluation blog sites at least when in your ‘make loan online‘ experience.

Maybe you wished to produce evaluation blog sites to produce income for you, by merely sending out traffic to it … Or offering them on Flippa.

Let me inform you this: Most individuals that come up with this concept of developing 100 s of specific niche blog sites– and believe they will make loads of loan– do not even begin, or give up in their very first week!

Why …?


Really …Have you ever attempted to get transforming material, looking for high converting items, established post, connecting back to the deal, and so on … by hand?

Or … Getting whatever structured correctly and including image of the affiliate deal’s site (that links to the affiliate deal) … by hand?

If you did or didn’t …

You can simply imagineJust *******************************) that it would take a mother-load of hard work, it truly does not matterDifficult

Which’s why CB Chief is such a convenience.

And here’s something else to take with you

I’ve run into a guy that was doing this clickbank evaluation blog site thing all by hand! His name is Robert(you can see his review listed below) and he was passing away to enter our early BETA test stage!

Robert was really doing the precise very same jobs that the plugin is going to provide for you … But he did this by hand.

Brave as he was … It took him about 35– 40 hours to produce simply one blog site loaded with clickbank evaluations.


That review was offered to me 2 weeks earlier. And he didn’t produce 100 blog sites …

He developed 274 of them in simply 2 weeks.

And here’s a little summary of what I advised him to do:

  • Robert’s Goal Is To Create 5 New Blogs A Day (30minutes)
  • Doing SEO and Sending Traffic To His Blogs (1 hour with software application & Fiverr)
  • Generating Revenue With These Blogs For 2– 3 Months
  • Then Pick Out The Real Winners And Sell Them! (30minutes)

To me that’s a rewarding technique

YEP– it’s something that I informed Robert to do, as it does not take much time at all!

About 1 or 2 hours a day … To produce 5 to 10 blog sites that are gorgeous, and prepared to accept traffic!

you can quickly do thiswhile you work on other parts of your service, or if you are merely browsing for a simple method to make some extra earnings.

You most likely heard the stories of other online marketers …

There’s a lot of them that are banking in huge with this design:.

Build a lot of evaluation blog sites;-LRB- ********************) developing content and tweak whatever to their affiliate links.
… Sending traffic to the blog sites; they are mainly utilizing SEO and traffic software application to get visitors.
… Keep some & & offer some; they normally keep some successful blog sites, and offer some for greater revenues!

Reality is that it’s been done so often times …by other individuals similar to you.

They have actually been developing these blog sites by hand … and have actually been producing incomeeffectively

You understand that this indicates that you can do this too, right?

… with CB Chief you can do it on a much faster pace You can produce more blog sites, get more income streams … Which eventually equates in producing more revenue for you and your service.


I can’t worry this enough: Instead of working your ass off on one blog site …

You can now establish hundreds– and if you are truly encouraged— THOUSANDS of these evaluation blog sites in simply a week or more by merely clicking a couple of buttons!


That’s!— your constraint is established on your own.

, if you pick to continue with your battle.. And with battle I indicate keep doing things online by hand.

You understand …

Taking incorrect left turnswhere you ought to have gone right … You will cut yourself in the fingers and have a tough time. When you see the competitors is doing way much better than you, particularly!

What I am attempting to state is that …

If you wish to take the ideal courseby automating among the greatest parts of your service … Instead of making incorrect left loser turns– you can accomplish a lot more!

I indicate …

Did you understand that a normal evaluation website that’s develop by the CB Chief plugin can offer for $200– $300on auction websites like Flippa?

Yeah, and some even cost more if you let them age for a while. More on that when you choose to get in.

So let’s take Robert’s example once again …

He developed 274 blog sites in 2 weeks, prior to it took him 40 hours to produce one blog site!

( It would take him 10,960hours if he was to produce 274 blog sites by hand … Now that’s simply insane!).

I got ta provide it to you directly …

… reality is that a few of these blog sites he develop are simply not going to offer.

Let’s take the worst case circumstance and let’s state Robert can just offer 10 of the 247 blog sites he developed.

You’ve simply found out that an excellent evaluation website opts for $300or more. Some easy mathematics will inform you that Robert makes an additional $3000on the ones he offered!That’s beside the revenues he will be drawing in from the commissions.

Which’s the worst case circumstance!


I do not understand about you, however with an additional $3,000a monthyou can …

  • Kick-Back And Have More Time To Chill With Friends, Or Family
  • Finally Pick Up That Amazing Gadget You Wanted To Have!
  • Take Your Girl Out For Dinner, See The Movies– Or Go On Vacaction!
  • Hell– Be Your Own Boss And Invest That Money In Bigger Things!

Which’s simply scratching the pointer of the ice-berg!

Did you understand that …


YEP–You do not even need to wait at all!

You can click the button … close your web browser and CB Chief will do whatever for YOU in the background.

You are basically leveraging the time that numerous others have actually taken into developing items and enhancing their websites to offer those items.

Now– we’ve been utilizing this plugin (the one you get your hands ontoday) to include a little 5 figure regular monthly income stream.

So simply envision …

Structure hundreds, possibly countless these specific niche blog sites?

Rather potentially producing income for you … Month after month!

… and everything starts with simply 3 minutes of establishing that very first blog site …